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Golden Nugz - 8.31.11

The long wait for college football is almost over.

-We don't expect the Gophers to be in mid-season form when they head to USC this Saturday, and you shouldn't expect our podcast to be in mid-season form either... but you should listen to it anyway.

-Football Study Hall previews the B1G conference and says that if the Gophers don't start the season 3-1, they've got no chance of getting to 6 wins.

-Whether your heading to Southern Cal, waiting until next Saturday when New Mexico State comes to The Bank, or if you are perhaps doing a practice run on your tailgate in the driveway this weekend, here's some tailgating dos and don'ts.

-Ted Glover at OTE interviewed Dave Revsine... you know, the dude who growls and yells "NOOOWWWW!!!" before pretty much everything.

-TheBigTenFoodballDude predicts week 1 in the B1G. Dude thinks the Gophers get blown out, but cover the 23 point spread that's available right now. (By the way, if you're excited for the season to kick off tomorrow night (and who isn't) nobody is expecting UNLV to give Wisconsin any trouble... a 35 point spread? Yikes.)

-Coach Kill's Tuesday press conference can be found here. My favorite tidbit came when Coach was asked about the length of the plan for the program that he put together for Joel Maturi. Coach said it was extensive. Was it several volumes long?

"Just extensive. I don't know what volumes are. I'm not smart enough. I don't make it that complicated."

-The Gophers are ready for the season. They look loose. They have good dance moves. Ryan Wynn's perm is amazing. Also, I'm going to go ahead and make my case right now for "If I Could Turn Back Time," by Cher to be the new end of 3rd Q/beginning of 4th Q rallying song at The Bank. After all, pride's like a knife, it can cut deep inside, words are like weapons, they wound sometimes. Someone should have told Tim Brewster.