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Minnesota Gopher Coach Jerry Kill Collapses on the Sidelines With Apparent Seizures

The story of the day has nothing to do with the Gophers losing to New Mexico State in their home opener. With 20 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter, the Gophers driving to tie the game, Jerry Kill collapses on the sideline having what appeared to be a seizure. Immediately the Gopher coaching staff gets the players pushed back and every single one of them took a knee while the on-field medical staff sprung into action.

What an incredibly scary moment as the stadium instantly became eerily silent. After several minutes Coach Kill was carted off the field and the Gopher offense was facing a 4th and 10 with 20 seconds remaining, down a touchdown. Just a bizarre situation where football quickly became meaningless as thoughts and prayers went out to Jerry Kill and his family.

Gopher Football team physician, Dr. Pat Smith addressed the media following the game.


When more facts are known, The Daily Gopher will report them.