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Golden Gopher Gifts

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

I think we should take a step back away from football after the New Mexico State loss. The weather is quickly changing and Christmas is just around the corner. I want to present you with a number of quality Golden Gopher gift ideas for your loved ones during the holidays.

Everybody knows that you can go to your local Goldy's Locker Room to choose from a plethora of gold and maroon items, but I'd like to offer you some more obscure or alternative places to look for some new and unique Golden Gopher merchandise. For the record this post is intended to be fun, pointing out some cool and some unique items found on the interwebz. Other than the SBN link, I have no vested interest in any of the links used below. There is a blurb about the new TDG store but that was not the precipice for the post.

With that said, please indulge me as I do a little SBN and self-promotion. The fine folks working in the SBN mothership have developed sight specific stores with officially licensed NCAA merchandise. The Daily Gopher has it's own special place to purchase Golden Gopher merchandise and it is very nice. Take a look around and check it out, here are some of the finer items worth purchasing.


Eventually we will create some TDG specific shirts that you can wear around town to impress your friends as a part of the TDG family. You can also design your own shirt with a wide assortment of sport specific graphics.

Now on to specific items you should absolutely plan to purchase for yourself, friends and family.

Gifts for the Woman in Your Life


Women's 3/4 sleeve T-shirt - Before thinking about yourself, be sure to pick out something for your wife or girlfriend (or both). To be honest, this is just an excuse to put up a pic of Alyssa Milano, but can you blame me? She looks sexy in a Gopher T, wouldn't your significant other?

Ladies Elegance Series Watch -How about some jewelry for your girl? This is a nice Gopher watch so every time she looks at her watch she'll know what time it is, and you'll know that IT'S GAME TIME!

Gifts for Your Male Friends/Family


Gopher Snuggie - what more do you need to keep you warm during the cold Minnesota winter months. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about sitting down in January to watch Tubby's boys take on the Big Ten while cozily snuggled up in my snuggie.

Golden Gophers Sweatshirt Photo Frame - Why didn't I think of this. I like sweatshirts and who doesn't need a photo frame to display their favorite TDG photo? Put them together and what have you got? A sweatshirt with a photo frame built into it.

Gopher Cufflinks - anyone getting married? Buy your wedding party these for the wedding.

Gopher Face Paint Kit - all the necessary colors. I generally put these on before I head into the pressbox on Saturdays.

TDG Favorites

Gt-1311-umn_mediumGolden Gopher Grill Topper - I have one of these and they are really cool. Perfect for tailgating or better yet for forcing your Hawkeye loving friends/family to eat a burger with goldy burned into it. I would highly recommend getting one for yourself or your favorite tailgating buddy.

Gopher Duct Tape - why not?

1996-97 Gopher Basketball Highlight Video - I have this too and I recently had a friend convert it to DVD for me. I know that technically this season never happened but it is really fun to go back and see just how good this team was .

49074840101-d_mediumClassic Goldy logo Hat - anything with the old Goldy logo is sweet. This is my favorite hat and if anyone wants my address to send me one, just shoot me an e-mail.

Gopher Vintage Program Cover Calendar - I had one of these a couple years ago and they too are fun. The company takes vintage program covers and uses them for a calendar. You should click on the link just to see the old program covers.