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Golden Nugz 9.16.11- Jerry Kill is out of the hospital, and Saturday is a Gold Out!

Let's start with some great news that you probably already know by now: Gopher football head coach Jerry Kill was released from the hospital yesterday. Still no official word on whether Coach Kill will be on the sidelines Saturday, but let's just say we should like his chances...

Kill was discharged from the hospital during the lunch hour. Just a few hours after his discharge, he was back with the Gophers. Kill said he went home to change clothes and then came directly to the Gopher football complex. He was on the practice field with his team for the entire practice, which lasted roughly two hours.

Barring any setbacks, you have to think he'll be coaching Saturday against Miami of Ohio. Glad Coach is out of the hospital and on the mend.

Miami of Ohio is hoping to march into TCF Bank stadium on Saturday and knock off the Gophers- the same feat the Minnesota staff pulled off last season when they were coaching at NIU. Hopefully that means they know what NOT to do this time around so the Gophs' don't lost to a MAC school at home two years in a row. A good place to start? Don't take your opponent lightly like they apparently did with New Mexico State last week.

The boys at Still Got Hope have themselves a little Post-NMSU Catharsis. Catharsis is hard, but it's so good.

FBT writers Matt and Elliot write loudly at each other to preview the Miami of Ohio matchup. They like to call it Loud Noises. I love lamp!

Interesting story about an Arkansas high school coach who is pushing the boundaries of conventional football wisdom. Kevin Kelley's team never punts, and always does an onside kick instead of a kickoff. Last Friday night his team led 29-0 in the first quarter- and the other team had yet to run a play from scrimmage. Might sound crazy, but it's all based on statistical analysis.

Finally, we here at the Daily Gopher rarely get emails. I'm not sure why people don't want to write us considering we're dapper gentlemen of leisure who love us some Maroon and Gold. We like to talk to people on the interwebs. We're cool and stuff. And one of us also REALLY loves Adam Weber- like too much- but anyway we were talking about something...oh yes, emails and how we don't get many.

Anywho, we DID get one from Ryan in Minneapolis yesterday and he said Saturday's game at The Bank is supposed to be a Gold Out but "it hasn't been promoted particularly well." No kidding. Did you know Saturday was supposed to be a Gold Out? Because this was the first I've heard of it. Anyone? Is this something they're only telling the kids in Dinkytown but swearing them to secrecy so it doesn't leave campus? So thanks to Ryan for pointing that out, and wear gold to the game on Saturday.

Ryan also sent along this Youtube clip of a Goldy 80's music video because, as he says, "its kind of funny, and there's not a whole lot of positivity going on right now." So true. Thank you Ryan. Keep writing. And the rest of you, start writing, especially if you're going to send us funny Youtube clips and also tell us there's going to be Gold Outs when no one has told us that.