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Golden Nugz - 09.19.11

Monday Nugz are always more fun after a win, but the available links are not usually as interesting.

Sid caught up with Glen Mason who seemed a bit excited about the Gopher's win on Saturday.

"He reminds you of guys like Terrelle Pryor," Mason said, comparing Gray with the former Ohio State quarterback. "He needs to develop that accuracy in passing. A lot of times the receivers are wide open, sometimes he makes great throws, sometimes not so great. Once they get ironed out they're going to be awful tough to stop."

Kind of a lazy comparison, but he absolutely right that the accuracy really needs to improve. Gray carried this offense with his legs but he'll need to do it with his arm as well if we are going to win a Big Ten game or three.

  • Minnesota Daily recaps Jerry Kill's first win.
  • Phil Miller saw a tight Gopher team, this win may release some anxiety.
  • The Gophers have developed a 2nd half team persona while the Vikings are a 1st half team that is terrible in the 2nd.
  • Tom Powers prescribes more rest for Coach Kill after the week he had. It hasn't been very public but Kill was suffering seizures throughout the week last week.

    Nothing to worry about, the regular updates said. This has happened before and the doctors simply are regulating his medication. He's out of bed and turning cartwheels and working out with a hula hoop. No big deal.

    In fact, Kill continued to suffer seizures while in the hospital. He mentioned after Saturday's 29-23 win over Miami (Ohio) that one of the toughest parts of last week was trying to communicate with his coordinators on Tuesday while he was in the hospital.r'

    I'm not sure why that was such a secret, but it was and it makes Kill's sideline presence even more dramatic.
  • Finally a hoops nugget. Andy Katz loves Tubby Smith and for the second year in a row he declares the Gophers are one of his sleeper teams.