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Golden Nugz - 9.2.11

Game day is tomorrow. Game day is tomorrow! Game day is TOMORROW!!! GAME DAY IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

-Brendan Beal & Aaron Hill are two Gophers who won't be playing against USC on Saturday. Gotta be concerned about Beal considering his history of knee injury.

-USC secondary coach Willie Mack Garza resigned yesterday, citing an undisclosed personal situation.

-We don't normally link to this slideshow heavy site, but can't hurt to share some optimism.

-This is very funny, and could come in handy.

-Don't try reading FBT's breakdown of sack stats if you're tired. Or hungover. Or have been drinking. Or if you don't like math.

-Dude! A Gopher preview featuring position-centric haikus?!?!?!?! WINNING!!! (This reminds me: yesterday I saw a stat that 20% of all searches performed on Google everyday have never ever been searched for before. So, I wondered? Has anyone ever searched "position-centric Gopher football preview"? Well "someone" (/points at self) has now, and the results are underwhelming.)

-Interesting read on football revenues in 2009, the season The Bank opened, in which the Gophers ranked 22nd in the nation.

-And lastly, how many of you expect to have a scene like this play out with your significant other sometime pre-kickoff tomorrow?