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Golden Nugz - 09.20.11

Not a lot to report today...

-Reading Phil Miller's blog post about Jerry Kill's 20 seizures in the last week caused me to wonder: Am I the only one who thinks that Jerry Kill just might be a cyborg? Jean Claude Van DAMN, Jerry Kill is one tough SOB.

-The Gophs, while not underestimating the Bison, have some ties to NDSU.

-TheBigTenFootballDude gives us his B1G Power Rankings.

-Do yourself a favor and watch this video. Jerry Kill is going to "go like hell" and he "ain't changin'." Seems like he's a little annoyed with this medical stuff. He also seems to be getting sick of Sid already.

9am Update: A blog post by Fuller has a few good tidbits. Looks like Kirkwood is proving himself to the staff... this lines up with a post that I wrote last night that will hit the TDG front page at noon today.