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Golden Nugz - 09.23.11

Hey everybody, welcome to Friday. Are you like me on this glorious Friday? Are you feeling so fly, like a G6? My guess is that tomorrow you'll have plenty of sober girls around that be actin' like they dru-uh-unk.

-Not many services have odds for this Saturday's Gopher game since NDSU is not an FBS team, but at least one service has the Gophers as a 6.5 pt favorite. Here is another listing.

-If you're taking a long lunch hour (like an additional 23 minutes) today (or if you need some good listening during your post-work bourbon-fest), have a listen to the FBT podcast from this week.

-A couple of articles of interest over at Off Tackle Empire... first, Ted discusses the new coaches in the B1G and how they fared in week 3. Second, babaoreally hunts for the worst team in the B1G and unfortunately the Gophers are mentioned.

-Hey, Down With Goldy is previewing basketball in the ACC this season. If you don't care, it still might be worth looking at the article and scrolling through the pictures. You probably won't be mad. I wasn't.

-TheBigTenFootballDude is predicting a Gopher loss to the Bison. Jerk.

-Jerry Kill's language is offensive? (scroll to last letter on the page) All I can say is... (link).