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Game Time: 6:07pm CST
Radio: 100.3 FM and the Gopher Radio Network

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers North Dakota State Bison
Points / Game 22.3 49.0
Pass Yards 197.7 198.5
Rush Yards 175.7 206.5
Key Offensive Player to Watch QB - MarQueis Gray
QB - Brock Jensen
Points Allowed/Game 23.3

Three Questions

  1. Can we handle business? - That is really the only question. We struggled with NDSU in Mason's final year and we all know that Brewster lost to the Bison in his 1-11 season. This is the game that Kill can differentiate himself. Will he do it?
    Pass Rush - Will be a question until we see an answer. Getting 1 sack isn't enough.
  2. Brock Jenson? - Can we keep him from completing 75% of his passes?

The Answers

I don't know what to think. I hope we roll, but I have no reason to believe we will do so.