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Golden Nugz- 9.27.11

No new update on Jerry Kill, as Big Ten coaches are wishing him well. Pat Fitzgerald said he "may be the toughest guy in college coaching" and considers him a dear friend. Michigan coach Brady Hoke coached against Kill in 2008 when Kill was in his first year at NIU and Hoke and his Ball State Cardinals were running the table.

The Strib's Chip Scoggins hopes Kill can heal himself before attempting to mend the Gophers.

Michigan's biggest concern about facing the Gophers? Who their punter is going to be. No really. Hoke also apparently explained the history of the Little Brown Jug and its importance for the Wolverines, which probably went something like this: "That old jug-looking thing? Yeah we get it for beating Minnesota- which means we get it every time we play Minnesota. No big deal."

The MNDaily says the Gopher ground game is keeping the offense afloat. Call me cynical, but I'd like to see Minnesota run the ball effectively against Michigan, a good B1G team, before we go talking about how good the running game is right now.

Something called Wolverine Nation (really? Another new E!SPN blog?) says Michigan isn't overlooking the Gophers, and believes MarQueis Gray could present a challenge. I...yeah I have so many snarky comments I can't even choose one. Fill in your own about Gray's inconsistent passing and a bad offensive line being a challenge for the Gophers more than the Wolverines.