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Golden Nugz- 9.7.11

Hump day! What better way to celebrate than with some humpaliciuos Nugz?

Jerry Kill doesn't just watch game film- he watches game film of his own sideline! No really. Kill is looking for sideline demeanor, and to pick up on things going on with players and coaches that he can't pay attention to during games. That includes himself:

"I did an OK job for awhile, and there were a few times I didn't do so good, either, didn't hold my composure. So we all need to be evaluated sometimes and held accountable."

FBT goes Press Conferencin' with Coach Kill, who didn't need the tape to know who his starting QB will be Saturday: MarQueis Gray.

The boys at Still Got Hope live-blogged the USC game. Good stuff.

The Las Cruces Sun-News talks about the Gophers' power run game- and how New Mexico State gave up 241 rushing yards to Ohio last week. Ohio! 241 yards! Yeah I like the Gophers chances this week.

The Gophers are movin' on up in the OTE Power Rankings. But Fred Rumson? Freddy? Really?

Tubby and Gopher hoops will be on national TV at least three times this season:

...a Feb. 9 home matchup against Wisconsin, a Feb. 14 tilt against Ohio State at Williams Arena and another home game against Indiana Feb. 25 or 26... has the B1G's worse case scenario- yeah that's never gonna happen.

So today is apparently the day Texas A&M finally leaves for the SEC. Wait, hadn't they left already?

Words cannot describe Maryland's jerseys from Monday night. I mean...yeah, just look at the pictures and try not to go blind.