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Golden Nugz 01.18.12

Many of you have probably noticed that a number of sites around the interwebs are going black today. Small sites that many people have never heard of like Google and Wikipedia are leading the charge against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). SB Nation also opposes SOPA. I'm not required to say anything, but I thought this was worth linking and bringing up as it may end up affecting all of us.

Vox Media -- the parent company of SB Nation -- is officially opposed to SOPA. The bill as drafted is overly broad, vaguely worded, and gives rise to a number of significant concerns:

  • Decreased effectiveness and questionable availability of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor for sites that host user-contributed content;
  • Higher compliance costs for all sites that host user-contributed content;
  • Potentially overzealous compliance efforts by search engines and payment providers in their attempts to maintain the immunity offered by SOPA section 104;
  • Serious constitutional issues in regards to due process and seizure of property.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

  • Joe Coleman is getting featured now that he has become one of the go-to guys on the team. Marcus Fuller tells us how he is making the most of his opportunity to start.
  • Gopher Baseball is finally moving forward with plans to build a $7.5 million baseball stadium. This is pretty exciting for a program that is consistently at the top of the Big Ten.
  • Gopher Football is making strides in the classroom. As a team they posted a 3.01 GPA and improved their Academic Progress Report.
  • This editorial on the Minnesota Daily isn't very happy with Tubby Smith publicly calling out his players.
  • Hopkins WR, Andre McDonald talks about his official visit to Minnesota this past weekend.
  • Lastly I'm going to leave you with an SB Nation commercial for their new YouTube Channel. It seems kind of cool but you can decide that on your own.