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TDG Pictures from the Gopher Football Uniform Unveiling

A fun little event down at TCF Bank Stadium and I got a few pics of the uniforms. First a few thoughts on the uniforms...

  • Kill was asked if he had any input into the design of the uniforms and he said he didn't really care except that it had to include tradition.
  • I love the brick in the maroon numbers.
  • I am not sure which combination I like the most. I like a lot of the unique features on the gold jerseys but I prefer the more traditional maroon and white ones. I think the maroon jerseys look the best, but I think I like the maroon pants as well. I'm just not sure I would like to see them together. White jersey and maroon pants are probably my favorite, the most classic look.
  • The gold jerseys have "MINNESOTA" on the back instead of a last name, that I think is pretty cool.
  • In addition to the uniforms, coach Kill stressed how much further along the team is from a strength and conditioning standpoint than they were a year ago. Mike Rallis looked it, his arms were huge.
  • Gray told me that the have been spending much more time on the team's nutrition as well as working hard in the weight room.
  • As I'm sure you have seen, there are a ton of pics available on the Gopher's official site.
  • I am so glad that they got rid of the piping down the side, that is probably the best thing in all of this.


More pics after the jump

MarQueis in the gold jersey and Keanon sporting the unique #4 which was the inspiration for the rest of the numbering. The font used for jersey numbers and other text comes from the jerseys Minnesota players wore during their national championship season in 1940.

Img_1287_medium Img_1292_medium

Gray and Cooper looking pretty tough (in spite of being male models for the day)


Did I mention that Rallis's arms are huge?


Stoudermire answering way more questions about returning to the team than he was about the new uniforms.


A close up of Gray's #5 on the shoulder. You can see the brick pattern pretty well in this pic.


Ed Olson doesn't appear to jovial in this pic but he was having a pretty good time.