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Golden Nugz 01.25.12

The Gopher news most talked about today is the appeal by Trevor Mbakwe and the Gophers with the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility.

"It's going to be a tough waiver to kind of get through. The biggest question is going to be the year that I sat out when I first got here. That's probably going to be what the NCAA is going to look at as the determining factor if I'm able to get it or not. I'm just praying that I'm blessed with the ability to come back if I wanted to."

That last phrase, "if I wanted to." is the key one. Gaining a 6th year can be challenging but it did recently happen for Gopher athletics with Kim Royston receiving the extra season. Considering Mbakwe missed a year because of legal issues, his might be harder to get through the NCAA. But we will see.