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Gopher Sports Thursday Talkers

So we've got nothing today (sorry). Work or life or lack of blogger motivation or a combination of all three is hitting the staff here at TDG. So I'll give a few points you guys talk amongst yourselves...

  • Football Recruiting - National Signing Day is next week. The Gophers are trying to land Hopkins WR, Andre McDonald. He may make his decision today or tomorrow amongst Minnesota, UCLA and possibly Vanderbilt. Are we going to land him?
  • Trevor Mbakwe - Appealed to the NCAA for a rare 6th year of eligibility. He missed quite a few games due to injury as a freshman and then again as a senior, which might help his case. He also has graduated, which is always a good thing. To his debit, he did have to miss a year due to some pretty serious legal allegations. Will Mbakwe get his 6th year and if he does will he come back?
  • Gopher Basketball - The loss to Michigan State really isn't a big deal. But the next three games are hosting Illinois, at Iowa and at Nebraska. Can the Gophers put together another three-game winning streak before the schedule gets really tough?