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0-3 Gophers Still Looking For Their First Big Ten Win - OPEN THREAD

Game Time: 5:00

Pos Minnesota Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Purdue (12-4) Pos
PG Maverick Ahanmisi 4.9 9.6 Lewis Jackson
G Julian Welch 10.6 10.3 Ryne Smith G
F Austin Hollins 8.2 8.8 Kelsey Barlow
F Rodney Williams 9.8 16.4 Robbie Hummel F
C Ralph Sampson III 9.3 3.7 Jacob Lawson F
Bench Andre Hollins 5.8 5.1 D.J. Byrd Bench
Bench Chip Armelin 5.8 6.6
Anthony Johnson
Bench Eliott Eliason
2.6 6.8 Terone Johnson

Robbie Hummel in his 13th year of college eligibility will be the best player on the floor. He is fun to watch as he is just a smart and sound basketball player. I fear it is a bad matchup if he is guarding Rodney for much of the game. Based on personnell we will really need our backcourt to step up their game on both ends of the floor to stay in this one.

KenPom Efficiency Stats Minnesota (54) Purdue (30)
Record 12-4 12-4
Pnt / Poss 1.080 1.092 (41)
Def Pnt / Poss 0.947 0.915 (36)
Off eFG% 52.3% (30)
Def eFG% 47.4% 45.9%
Off Reb % 37.2% (22) 33.0%
Def Reb % 67.1% 68.1%
TO % 21.9% 15.1% (3)

Statistically Purdue is very good on both ends of the floor. Their numbers (and record) would indicate that they are not quite as dominant as they have been in recent years but they are still a very good team. Minnesota's numbers are slowly getting worse. Turnover % is increasing, rebounding % is going down and our offensive efficiency is becoming less so.

With all of that said it is starting to feel like this is one of those times when expectations have been lowered enough that the Gophers will come out and win this game. Logically there is no reason to think we will win based on stats and based on what I've seen on the floor in the last couple weeks. But I think the Gophers may surprise us today.