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Fuller Tweet: Kill Says Gray Will Have Role Against Wisconsin

On the heels of his story about Gray practicing as a wide receiver and without an injury jersey, comes this tweet from Marcus Fuller:


Based on Marcus' previous story and the details above about Gray's mobility, you'd have to assume that Kill and Limegrover hope to use him in the passing game as a wide receiver. Gamesmanship? Possibly, but doubtful to me given the notes about his mobility.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I mean, obviously I hate Wisconsin and anything that helps us win is a good thing. And Gray, regardless of how he plays, obviously helps us have a better chance of winning. But it's also crucial that he be healthy enough to play QB again this year (and soon!). The bowl game hopes might be riding on it. So in that regard I almost wish he'd sit this one out.

I'd expect that he'll have a blog post or story on this tonight and we'll update this Story Stream as further information becomes available.