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Phillip Nelson to Start Against Wisconsin?

So...this may be happening. unexpected news, Phil Miller is reporting that sources close to the program are say that Phillip Nelson is expected to start for the Gophers (random note: Randball is saying Sid got the tip and Miller ran it down). Is this true? I have no idea. But I think we all know by now that The Bearded One is pretty much the least likely of all the local scribes to start trolling. So he clearly thinks it's legit.

Nelson will make his collegiate debut in Camp Randall Stadium as the Gophers' starting quarterback on Saturday, barring a last-minute change of plans by Minnesota's coaches, a source close to the football program told the Star Tribune.

Nelson, who spent the week taking most of the snaps with Minnesota's first-team offense, will replace Max Shortell, who has been inconsistent in three starts. MarQueis Gray, the source said, remains hobbled by a sprained left ankle, and will play only at receiver, if at all.

Coach Jerry Kill has said for months that the Gophers preferred to keep Nelson on the sideline this season and let him learn the offense during a redshirt year. But Minnesota's two-game losing streak, and the offense's inability to score consistently, has apparently changed Kill's plans.

If true I am NOT a fan of the move and am having bad flashbacks of Michigan last year. I see much more potential for bad than good here, but I'm also an armchair observer. If Kill goes through with this expect the angst factor to rise significantly around the Gopher interwebs if we lose. If we win, Kill will be a genius and we'll all gladly embrace SUPERQBGAZE2012 thanks to the joy of seeing the Axe come home.

UPDATE: Sandell's source says there is a "chance" Nelson plays. Basically we won't know anything until the offense lines up probably.