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Gopher Student-Athletes to Shave Their Heads in Support of Connor Cosgrove and to Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

There are going to be a lot of very cold heads walking around the University of Minnesota campus this week. Cosgrove is a walk-on wide receiver who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. Dozens of Gopher student-athletes have committed to shaving their heads in support of Connor Cosgrove in an effort to raise money and awareness for the disease.

8069764_mediumCosgrove came up with the idea and very quickly had commitments from 60+ Gopher student-athletes including starting MLB, Mike Rallis who has not cut his long locks of hair in four years. That is almost as impressive as the lovely Mia Tabberson (pictured right) who is the setter on the #10 ranked Gopher Volleyball team and who has also committing to shave her (HER) head.

You can help too (and you don't have to shave your head if you don't want to).

Fans are able to support the Gophers by donating via text message. Today (Oct. 27) only, fans can text the word HERO to 27722 to donate $5 to St. Baldrick's Foundation. Fans are able to donate up to five times per phone. The text donations will only be operational on Oct. 27.

Fans can also donate anytime online at to support the Gophers.

The head shaving is quite a sacrifice for some and an impressive active of support for Connor Cosgrove.