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Golden Nugz 10.08.2012: "David After Dentist" Edition

How was a college football weekend without any Gopher football? "I didn't feel anything."


My goodness, slow weekend for most things Gopher related, especially for football. Both hockey teams played well, but the men were just in exhibition play. Volleyball kept things rolling. Other than that... um.

* Roman helps us answer the question "just who is this Christian Isackson, anyway?" Turns out Isackson, a freshman, is Minnesota born and bred, a former St Thomas Academy Cadet, a draftee of the Buffalo Sabres, and is ready to have a breakout sophomore season.

* SWIMMING!!! Swimming? Swimming. Women good. Men... meh.

* Something called CineSports interviews PhilMill and talks about what the Gophers are doing during the bye week. While taking it easy on the practice field getting healed up, the coaches have been on the road hitting it hard on the recruiting trail. Phil also says MarQueis hasn't taken part in team drills and it looks like Shortell might start again against N'Western.

*Gopher woman's volleyball continues their solid season with a 5-set win over 25th ranked Michigan State over the weekend. Also, the Gopher lady pucksters swept St Cloud State this past weekend.

* Just for fun, in case you haven't seen this absolutely glorious animated gif, please see it now. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.

* The Gopher women's soccer team kicked the crap out of the hated Hawkeyes... in shots on goal... but couldn't actually manage to get one in the net.

* Sports Chat Place (?) has a preview of the upcoming Gophers/Northwestern match-up. Steve doesn't "love this play," but he does pick Northwestern with the 3.5 points.

* After a weekend without Gopher football I feel a little bit like David After Dentist ("I didn't feel anything," "Is this real life?," "AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaggggghhh," "Why's this happening to me?"), which I'm sure you've all seen, but maybe you'll enjoy it on a Monday morning anyway.