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Kill: Gray may not be ready for Northwestern

On yesterday's WCCO Sports Huddle, Coach Kill suggested that MarQueis Gray might not be 100% ready to go against Northwestern.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

From Shama:

Gophers coach Jerry Kill, speaking on WCCO Radio’s Sports Huddle yesterday, was noncommittal on quarterback MarQueis Gray’s availability for next Saturday’s game with Northwestern. "Not saying he can’t be," Kill said about Gray who has not played since September 15 because of an injured left ankle and knee. But Kill cautioned about Gray being ready for Northwestern based on what he saw from his former starting quarterback last week.

So, not exactly unexpected, but still not good news. I'd feel a lot better if Gray had a chance to play his first game back at home (rather than on the road at Camp Randall, assuming he's better by then). That said, this desire is based on an assumption that Gray is totally ready to go.

Listening to Kill, it sounds like the issue is that Gray conditioning is not 100% (as one would expect when you can't run and practice) and that his timing in the passing game is understandably off. As much as I want Gray back, it would be better to sit him for one more game then force him back in before he's ready.