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Rayno: Daniel Edozie May Decommit?

Amelia Rayno commented on Twitter earlier today that she had heard rumblings that 2013 verbal commit Daniel Edozie might decommit from Minnesota. She has followed up this interesting news with a blog post:

Less than a week after JC recruit Daniel Edozie verbally committed to the University of Minnesota, the rumblings around town are that the big man from Texas will now soon de-commit.

There will likely be plenty head nodding to go along with this news – after all, it was a bit baffling from the start. Edozie had not received offers from any other major schools, averaged just five points and five rebounds in his year at Tyler Junior College (Texas) and did not have a player page on Rivals, ESPN or FoxSportsNEXT (formerly Scout). A highlight video of him that circulated showed him doing drills alone in a gym and missing a significant percentage of the shots he took, strange for an edited highlight reel.

So what happened? No one is saying anything for certain (and Daniel Edozie’s coach, Mike Marquis has not yet returned my call), but it appears that some wires were crossed in the recruiting process and the two sides might not have been on the same page.
That last paragraph is the most interesting. What wires were crossed? What's going on? No one yet knows.

So, stay tuned I guess?