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Fuller Confirms Edozie No Longer A Gopher Verbal

From the Twitters:



This is a really weird situation and I doubt we ever really learn the full story. This was a weird commit from the start. His stats and video did not suggest a reason why the Gophers would use up a scholly on him. Since his verbal, the only new thing that has happened was his bad performance in a JUCO camp. If all it took for him to lose the support of the coaches was a single bad camp performance then I am even more perplexed. Maybe he never had a solid offer extended and his verbal was premature? That would explain the "wires crossed" comment by Amelia Rayno. Just very, very weird.

I'm not bummed by this, as I was in no way excited by Edozie as a prospect. Moving forward, I think we can all agree that it would be nice if Tubby avoided any more headscratchers in recruiting.