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Golden Nugz - 11.1.12 - NyQuil Is A Hell Of A Drug

A shorter Nugz today, as I leave a cold & flu med induced fog and return to the real world.


So, the last 2 days sucked. Nothing like spending most of your time sleeping and shotgunning medication. NyQuil hallucinations FTW! Annoyingly the rest of the world went on without me and I now have work to catch up on. Result? Shorter, commentary free Nugz.


- How Tyrone Carter saved his cousin's career at MN.

- Fuller wonders if Phil Nelson can beat Michigan as a true frosh.

- The Gophers will stick to the defensive gameplan despite Denard's potential injury issues.

- INJURIES: Barker is still nursing his ankle injury. He has been held out of practice along with Ed Olson and Mike Rallis.

- Gray ranks that awesome diving catch he made against Purdue his "best by far."

- Phil Nelson connects with his lineman as well as his receivers.

- Troy Stoudermire's pursuit of the NCAA KR record has slowed.

- FBT brings us his Models and Bottles prediction, his take on the recent commitment of Nate Godwin, and Rouses the Rouser with thoughts on the Purdue game.

Moving the Chains


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


- Tubby will open the exhibition tonight with last year's starting 5.

- Saul Smith will rejoin the team in November.

- Amelia reviews 5 unknowns about the Gophers.

- Mo Walker looks to help the Gophers as his knee has healed.

- Wally Ellenson broke his hand and is out 6-8 weeks.


- Gophers prepare for Mankato State.

- The Gophers should keep playing 2 goalies?


- J Rob's boys are ranked #3 in the country behind Penn State and Iowa.


- Fashion report from last weekend.

The Smorgasbord

- UNC won their game last weekend via punt return:

- Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas is just sick:

- I love any College Gameday matchup that allows Lee Corso to shoot a gun: