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Gophers Seeking Magic Numbers 6 and 14 at Illinois - OPEN THREAD


Game Time: 2:30 AM
Radio: 100.3 FM, 1130 AM

Six wins gets us to a bowl game and it might take 14 points because we have lost all of our games when we score 13.

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers Illinois Fighting Illini
Points / Game 23.9 18.4 (12)
Pass Yards 199.7 175.0
Rush Yards 159.0 126.0 (12)
3rd Down % 37.9% 32.8% (12)
Key Offensive Player to Watch Philip Nelson
Nathan Scheelhaase
Points Allowed/Game 24.4 33.1 (12)
Pass Yards 168.1 215.9
Rush Yards 178.0 145.1
3rd Down % 40.5% 31.8%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Mike Rallis Jonathan Brown (Jr LB)

Three Gopher Questions

  1. Can we score more than 13 points? - That is the magic number. When we score 13 points or fewer, well we haven't scored fewer than 13 points so really when we score 13 points; we lose. I'd rather not tempt fate by trying to see if we could win a game while score 12. So Can we get 14 and then some?
    Will get great presure on and bring down Scheelhaase? - The Illini offensive line has given up 32 sacks this year. That number standing alone may or may not jump out at you but that is good for 12th in the Big Ten, 10 more than 11th place Ohio State and 19 more sacks than the Gopher OL has given up. They are averaging over 3 sacks per game allowed. And we feel like a pass rush is a strength of ours, can we bring Scheelhaase down in several key situations?
    Will we get to bowl eligibility? - ONE MORE WIN, ONE MORE WIN! And we are facing a team that statistically we have the advantage all but one of the categories above. We score more points, gain more yards, hold teams to fewer points and hold teams to fewer yards than the Illini. On paper this really should be a win. Were this a home game I'd almost be demanding a 2 touchdown win, but this is on the road against a team desperate for a win to salvage some respect in their season (sound familiar?). They think they can win this game, we have to win this game.