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It's been a long season. But being bowl eligible with 2 to play is awesome!

Gopher Sports

I'm sure Gopher Nation will have one of his quality recaps up at some point. But I'm too excited about the Gophers being bowl eligible to wait on this post. There have been plenty of ups and downs to contend with as a Gopher fan in recent seasons. Which is why I don't feel awkward at all about celebrating this team's accomplishment. Let the haters and naysayers blab their "mediocre bowl" nonsense. This team was not expected to do this well but they did it anyhow. This is a team that has gotten bowl eligible despite playing with an injury depleted roster, moving to a true frosh QB halfway through the year, and on and on with the obstacles. This is a big step for the program's momentum. We all know that this isn't a great football team yet. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this.

And it doesn't have to end here.

While I have no expectation of a victory over either Nebraska or MSU (especially Nebraska) the fact remains that the Gophers have 2 more games to add a nice exclamation point to their season. And selfishly, they have a great chance to make it possible for me to go to the bowl game if they beat MSU (which likely puts them in the B-Dubs Bowl). So from here on out I'm enjoying the ride. Who knows? Maybe we'll still get to see that upset we've all been hoping for.