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Golden Nugz - 11.19.12 - Welcome to Food Coma Week

PTO filled week means quick Monday Nugz.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Hi all!

Today is my only day in the office this week. Which means more than 1 days worth of stuff to do. I'm going to bet I'm not the only one. So this will be the shortest Nugz in my history on this blog. And yes, this is an actually short Nugz, not "GoAUpher short" Nugz.

AJ Barker

I intend to have a longer post of thoughts on Barker, but before I do I intend to reread the letter, watch the interviews he's done, and read all his tweets since this broke. I want to feel like I've gotten everything that's out there on his side of the story before I judge it. I didn't feel like ruining the end of a great weekend by getting into the weeds on this last night. So ideally I'll have something on it tomorrow...we'll see. If I see everything he's put on and read a take on the Gopher webs that says exactly what I want to say then I'll prob just link to it instead. I don't want to spend too much of my holiday on this.

Nebraska Road Trip

Before the AJ thing, my next post was going to be a recap of my trip to Lincoln and a photo gallery to match it. That is still coming, but will now be slightly delayed. Short summary? Lincoln effing rocks and you'll want to make this roadtrip at least once. For me, I intend for it to be an every 2 year thing for as long as I'm able to keep that up. I had such a great time that the unhappy nature of the game did not phase me at all. Like, not at all. And I don't react to losses like that. So yea, go in 2014. Tell them the goofy tall guy in Zubaz sent you.


People in Nebraska don't seem to understand that Big Ten Network shows this weird sport called hockey based on the amount of time it took to get the bar to put the game up on Saturday night. And once it was there, I think they become concerned for my sanity and wondered who Eaves and Ramage were and why they were hated so much.


To round up the Nugz, here are the quick hit takes from last night's Gopher victory.

- Strib: Amelia story and blog. Reusse story on Dre.

- PiPress: Fuller story.

- FSN: Neisen story.

- ESPN1500: Sandell story.

- Daily: Story.

- AP: Wire story.


The one thing I forgot to mention is this B1G expansion talk. Let me sum it up for you. You know that part of Anchorman where Ron and the news team find out that Veronica Corningstone will be co-anchor? That's the reaction of me and every person I met in Lincoln this weekend to the news that Jim Delaney will be bringing second rate ACC schools into the B1G fold (albeit for obscenely large amounts of money).

Jim, you need to go back to your home on whore island. Leave our B1G alone! This is the conference expansion version of wearing Sex Panther. (/being told that I need to stop with the Anchorman references).