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Golden Nugz - 11-21-12

Eric Francis

What a week it has been and we are only on hump day. Up next is getting fat tomorrow before watching the annual Gopher Hoops win over a top 10 team before the wheels fall of in the Big Ten season (not this year though). Then Friday you can fight hoards of rubes to boost our economy by spending your hard earned credit. And we still have the weekend with more football and leftovers.

So let's get into the Nugz before the food coma we are about to endure over the next four days.

  • Nate Sandell covered Kill's weekly press conference and noted that the players who come in to talk with the media were well prepared for AJ Barker questions. Most were surprised about how things went down and supportive of Coach Kill. Sandell also discusses the extent of Brendan Beal's injury which is likely severe.
  • Ted Glover at Off Tackle Empire posted this week's OTE Big Ten Power rankings with a Boardwalk Empire theme. The best this week is Wisconsin "you are absolutely brutal to lesser characters on the show, yet against the big boys, you're in over your head".
  • Big Ten football coach's salaries are listed here on the ESPN blog. The $$ per win list if kind of funny. Kirk Ferentz, lol.
  • Delany' (will have to change their name soon) puts out a weekly hoops power poll. This week the Gophers sit unchanged at 6th place.
  • MarQueis Gray got the ball in his hands last week and he liked the feeling of it. Maybe we'll get to see more of Gray with the ball on Saturday.
  • SBN blog, Blue vs. Blue gives us 9 things they learned about Duke after their most recent win.
  • Sometimes these holiday tournaments get more than a little crazy. The Maui Invitational (which the Gophers are participating in next season) has been just that. Chaminade upsets Texas, Butler hits a crazy game-winner, then Butler beats North Carolina.
  • I'm sure you heard that a guard from Grinnell set a new record for points scored in a game. Just 138 points for one kid, not bad. Grinnell has a unique style of play that employs a ton of guys who sub in on every dead ball, they shoot a LOT of threes, they press to get turnovers that lead to threes, if they get an offensive rebound they usually kick it back out to the guy who missed because he won't miss twice in a row. It is bizarre to watch.
  • Penn State hoops took a huge blow with the loss Tim Frazier for the season.

Lastly, I want to direct you to The Daily Gopher Store. Not that we have any special Black Friday deals or anything but we did create a new T-shirt. It might not yet be up and available online, but it will be very soon so please check back if you want this beauty.