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A Special TDG Announcment

I'd like to think of The Daily Gopher as the best Gopher blog on the interwebz. I might be a little biased. Many of the rest of you are probably thinking, "sure this site is solid but I love me some FBT." Well, for reasons laid out on his own site, whether or not this is the best place to go for Golden Gopher information is no longer even a question.

We are thrilled to have Matt on board as part of the team. He will bring his statistical analysis and recruiting takes, general expertise and Gopher passion to the SBN network and The Daily Gopher.

I'm still going to producing the same type of content I always have, whether it be statsy predictions, the "how and why" of college football and other long-form articles where warranted.

When Jeffrick found out, his wife was wondering why he was applauding the TV while watching Ellen. JDMill had a more physical, tingly reaction and GoAUpher was so excited it called Rex Burkhead's mom to share the news. Your reactions may be similar or perhaps you'll just be e-mailing your friends to check TDG daily.