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Gophers Lose On Senior Day Allowing Michigan State to Gain Bowl Eligibility

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

I haven't been ignoring the Gopher's loss to Michigan State, it has just been a REALLY busy weekend with family stuff and basketball playing three games in a row.

I'm not really sure we learned anything new yesterday. Michigan State has a very good defense, out offense is not exactly productive and it struggled. Sure we can harp on Philip Nelson for throwing 3 picks but the rushing attack deserves just as much criticism.

The defense was consistently put into bad positions so we shouldn't really be too hard on them right? WRONG, the way we were run over by Le'Veon Bell was embarrassing.

But really I don't care for a number of reasons.

1 - The basketball team is playing great. This make me happy.

2 - We are going to a bowl game. Winning this one would have kept Michigan State out and it would have improved our bowl position but the fact still remains that we are playing a 13th game. Don't let the Negative Nancies around town get you down about this being a mediocre bowl. In August had anybody told you that this team would be bowling we would all be in agreement that this was a successful season.

3 - Coach Kill suffered another seizure. This is really starting to get concerning and I wonder at what point this becomes an affliction that causes him to hang up his clipboard early. I hope for his sake that this gets taken care of, I know it isn't exactly life-threatening (unless he has a seizure while driving or something like that) but it is not exactly a healthy experience for the body.

4 - This offense is really young and the defense needs more reps for a lot of their starters as well. A bowl game is really a good thing for the program at this stage. Mediocre bowl games will not be perpetually acceptable, but for now they are.

More to come over the next couple weeks reviewing the 2012 regualr season and looking ahead to 2013. For now use this to vent about the Michigan State loss.