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Golden Nugz - 11-28-2012

Resist the urge to call it Coffee Links. Resist the urge to call it Coffee Links.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Perspective on the Gophers' road win in Tallahassee last night, from non-basketball illiterates like myself.

From the Barn talks about true colors and things:

Even with the conference season right around the corner, the last four games have really shown us that the Gophers are a team to be reckoned with this year, and we’ll be hard pressed to find a string of four games the rest of the season that will paint a more accurate picture of who these guys are. Granted, things can certainly change at the drop of a hat, but the win over the Seminoles tonight certainly showed that the Gophers are deserving of being a team talked about at the national level.

Rayno brings it back to the topic of balance and scoring depth:

The players all know it and are quick to say it: one of the best things about this team is its balance on offense, which makes it hard – as Joe Coleman pointed out tonight – for opponents to focus on any one player. Tonight the Gophers had four of their five starters finish in double digits and the one that didn’t (Elliott Eliason) had ten rebounds.

Fuller pens that the Gopher simply wore down the Noles.

Sandel says this team is for real.

First edition of the 2012-13 Bilas Index ($) is up; Jay likes Minnesota as a top 30 team (28th, to be precise).

Gophers now have 3 victories over teams in KenPom's top 50 rankings, while Sagarin is seemingly just as bullish. Things are looking good, just as we thought they would with this squad.

  • Norwood Teague continues to get out in front of media and reassure folks about Jerry Kill's health, especially by going on KFAN yesterday with Dan Barreiro for a lengthy radio interview primarily discussing the situation with Kill's seizure disorder. Woody was gracious as always...
    ... and one does have to thank Vishnu and the other based gods that it's Teague on damage control versus Joel Maturi, who no doubt would have fumbled all over the situation by now. But one does have to wonder how delicately Teague has to balance this, since he has to say something to the public and media, while at the same time no feeding the story to make a bigger deal of it than it needs to be. The environment around this subject is touchy and approaching toxic levels from non-stakeholders, something exacerbated by the U (and Kill) not coming out sooner to tackle the subject of epilepsy and other seizure disorders head on after New Mexico State.
  • Doogie has scoops, including a possible landing spot for cry baby Barker and a note on the Populous master facilities plan:
    Expect whatever the "U" decides on to mimic in many ways what they have in Lincoln. For example, they have two indoor facilities for their athletes to use in the winter. What that means here is that the current indoor football practice field would be maintained. The final product will include a ton more than just a new indoor field. For the football team alone, the coaches will have new offices and other space, the training room will be expanded greatly and will likely include hydrotherapy. There will be much, much more.
    Pretty sweet bruh.