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Berkley Edwards Is A Gopher Commit

BIG recruiting news tonight, as Berkley Edwards verbally commits to Coach Kill and the Gophers.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Per Lucas Trickle at Gopher Illustrated, Chelsea, MI running back Berkley Edwards verbally committed to the Gophers earlier this evening:

just told me that Berkley Edwards has committed to Minnesota.

Edwards is currently ranked the No. 9 all-purpose running back in the country by .

And in case you don't buy it, here are some tweets from Berkley's big brother, Braylon Edwards:

Congrats toy little brother verbally committing to the University of Minnesota. A very athletically and academically

Respected university. I still don't understand how my father and I were all-Americans at Michigan but they don't give Berk a shot.

Oh well Minnesota just got one hell of a talent and hard worker, don't be surprised if he tears the maze and blue a new a$$hole soon.

I'm sure Matt and/or GN will have a more in-depth breakdown of the commit tomorrow. As a wannabee recruitnik, I'm going to settle for quoting Twitter and throwing up some Johnny Drama.

Feel free to discuss this awesomesauce news below!