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Gophers and Michigan Clash for The Little Brown Jug - OPEN THREAD

Game Time: 11:00 AM
Radio: 100.3 FM, 1130 AM

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers Michigan Wolverines
Points / Game 25.2 28.0
Pass Yards 206.2 171.5
Rush Yards 162.9 206.6
3rd Down % 39.1% 47.3%
Key Offensive Player to Watch Philip Nelson
Denard Robinson
Points Allowed/Game 23.1 17.2
Pass Yards 159.9 145.2
Rush Yards 178.0 145.1
3rd Down % 38.7% 35.1%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Mike Rallis Jake Ryan

Three Gopher Questions

  1. Will Denard Robinson play? Will he play the whole game? - The Gophers winning or losing might hinge on this, otherwise the question becomes can we contain him? I'm actually looking forward to seeing if Kill and staff can come up with a gameplan to slow down a guy like Robinson, and do we have the talent to pull it off?
    Philip Nelson has been pretty good, will he be good again? - A solid debut in Madison when the defense left him in awful positions was followed by a great game against Northwestern. I'd love to see a couple big plays for points again to keep Michigan on their heels.
    Can we bring home the Jug? - I've witnessed an Axe win and a couple Floyd wins, I have yet to witness the Gophers carrying the Jug off the field. Today would be a great day for me to witness the trophy-trifecta.