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Austin Hollins Delivers a "Nasty" Dunk - Gophers/UNF Highlights

Everything you missed because the Big Ten Network sucks.

Well, if you're like me you did not have a chance to see today's Gopher basketball game live or on the internet. Also like me, you might have been lamenting this fact loudly while cursing the Big Ten Network for failing to provide the service it is supposed to provide...namely, making it so we don't have to miss games anymore.

If you were not following the game on Twitter you might be asking yourself why I would care so much. Well, this was a game where Austin Hollins delivered a dunk that Rodney Williams described as "nasty." And if anyone is an expert on nasty dunks, it's Rodney.

Thankfully Gopher Sports has come through with a nice set of highlights that shows off Austin's dunk, as well as a couple from Rodney and solid plays from almost the entire roster of Gophers players. I'm sure GN will have a nice recap later, but for now, let this tide you over.

Happy Saturday!


On a scale of "basket of dirty socks" to "the state of Iowa", just how nasty was Austin's dunk?

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