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Gopher Christmas Gift Idea #2 - TDG T-Shirt Store

Get your TDG T-shirt. This post is really a two-parter. First, use the link below to get one of our fabulous T-shirts. Secondly, if you have any ideas that you think would make a nice shirt, e-mail me and let me know. I can maybe create it.

The Daily Gopher T-Shirt Store

Our latest and greatest is a tribute to our favorite former WSR who has a mother who has a friend who thinks he is really good. (also available in maroon).


It is beautiful isn't it? Up next is a sweet little shirt for the sweet little Gopher family.


Now you can have a Gopher shirt to match the stickers on the back of your mini-van. If that isn't for you, then why not go with a rivalry T-shirt. Cause everyone hates Iowa, even Floyd. (also available in gold)


This one has our TDG address on the back so you know where it came from. Lastly, if you don't care for any of the above you can go with a classic TDG logo shirt.


And like I said, if you don't like anything above let me know and I might be able to put something together for you. Order soon to ensure it arrives before Christmas.