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Gophers in ESPN Bracketology With a 3-Seed


The latest Bracketology, updated today for the first time since early November, has the Gophers as a #3 seed!

I've said it before and I'll probably say it 50 times between now the NCAA Tournament. If we are a 4-seed or higher then a win should absolutely be expected, conversely a loss would be a huge disappointment and a black mark on the Tubby resume. But a 5-seed or lower and we probably should win, but at that point it all depends on the match-up and how hot your opponent may or may not be at that moment. It is really a sliding scale from 5-seed on down. But 4-seed or higher and a win should be almost guaranteed (in a tournament where nothing is a guarantee).

This is December 11th, the NCAA Tournament is a LONG ways away and getting pegged as a 3-seed today is meaningless. But it is an indication of how good this team is right now and how we are being viewed nationally.