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Gopher Christmas Gift Idea #4 - Your Very Own Gopher Gnomes

They have their own weekly post and are awesome. You know you want one of your own.

I've been living in Madison, WI for a while now. And one thing that happens when you live near that gates of hell (Camp Randall) is that you find lots of ways to express your support for the Gophers in your cube at work or in the garden near your front door.

Enter the Gopher Gnomes. My wife, kindly enabling my crazy fandom, has given me these as gifts for several years now. I love them! They're quirky and fun and people notice them. That plus the maroon and gold is a winning combo in my opinion.

The easiest place to find them online is (here's a direct link to a whole bunch of them).

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The obligatory disclaimer: No one is paying me to suggest these. I'm a happy gnome owner, not someone being paid off by the gnomes from their crazy profit plan.