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Gopher Christmas Gift Idea #5 - Gophers Illustrated: The incredible History of Minnesota Football

There are some very good Gopher and general sports book available.

I would like to highlight Gophers Illustrated: The Incredible History of Minnesota Football. I reviewed this book when it was released and was fortunate enough to receive a copy.

When I heard about this particular book there were few things I was expecting. Bios of key players (Brondo Nagurski, Tony Dungy, Sandy Stephens, Marion Barber III, etc) was something every book looking back in Gopher history would have. Stories on national championships, key games in Gopher history and the rivalry trophies are also standards for anything to be considered comprehensive. This book has all of that and more.

This book is really cool and a must for the diehard Gopher fan in your life. All of the illustrations in the book are hand-drawn by Al Papas Jr., the author. Papas is a former cartoonist and a life-long Gopher fan. This is truly a great book and it gets my seal of approval for any and all Gopher fans.

The illustration below is Papas's drawing of Tony Dungy.



You should buy this for yourself after Christmas.