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Golden Nugz - 12.4.12


Gopher hoops resumes today and they face the very dangerous Nate Wolters. We have seen him a few times before, so the Gophers know full well how good he is and they better be ready.

Watching Wolters play, it looks as if he could take it or leave it. His low-key, almost expressionless demeanor on the court makes it seem as if all of his success is only a happy accident. But inside the quiet exterior, Wolters' passion and commitment burn bright, qualities that those who know him can't help but admire.

"I don't like when people are better than me," Wolters said. "I'm a pretty laid-back person off the court, but on the court I wouldn't say I am at all."

Wolters is projecting to be an NBA draft pick and if SDSU is able to pull off the upset, it will be because of him.