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Wisconsin's Bret Bielema Reportedly Leaving for Arkansas

W is for Whining
W is for Whining
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This is shocking news. An Iowa alum who began his coaching career at Iowa before spending a few years at Kansas State and then coming back to the Big Ten as Wisconsin's defensive coordinator is leaving the cozy confines of the upper-midwest for Arkansas.

In a stunning coup, Arkansas will hire Wisconsin's Bret Bielema as its next football coach, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

Bielema, who has taken the Badgers to three straight Rose Bowls, was nowhere on the radar amid months of speculation over who Arkansas would hire.

An announcement will come Tuesday, sources told Y! Sports, but Bielema is not expected to be introduced until Wednesday.

ESPN is also reporting...

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema has accepted the vacant coaching position at Arkansas, a source told ESPN.

Bielema owns a 68-24 record in seven seasons at Wisconsin, which is set to make its third consecutive Rose Bowl appearance despite going just 8-5 this year.

Is this good news for Gopher football? Probably. This is kind of a shocking move and Wisconsin will have to re-tool their entire staff a year after having to re-tool almost their entire assistant coaching staff. More thoughts and comments to come but I wanted to get this up for Gopher fans to have a place to talk about it.

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