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Gophers Defeat South Dakota St. 88-64

The Gophers improve to 9-1 with a win over the South Dakota St. Jackrabbits.


Well then. This game was never really in doubt. I'm going to go with some quick general takes on the game since...ya know...blowout.

Good Stuff:

- Andre Hollins was a beast in the first half. He started the game 6-6 from 3 and 7-7 from the floor. That's kinda ok I guess. He had 20 points at the half and finished with 22.

- The Gophers 3 point shooting. It tailed off a bit as the game went on, but there was a stretch when they were shooting 50%. Their final tally was still a very solid 45.5% (10-22). In addition to Andre's 6 treys, Austin Hollins hit 3 of 7, and Oto hit his first 3 of the year (finishing 1 of 1). One disappointment was that Julian Welch went 0 for 4.

- Another strong defensive performance. The Gophers were very active again on the defensive end of the floor. This lead to many deflections and steals. They also did a pretty good job contesting shots (something previous teams have struggled with at times, to my great annoyance). SDSU had 18 turnovers, which is 8 above their normal average.

- Continued balanced scoring. The Gophers had 3 players finish in double digits (Dre - 22; Austin - 17; Joe - 15). Rodney Williams only had 2 points and looked a little flustered at times but it didn't matter. Andre Ingram contributed a nice 6 points (including a longer jumper) in the first half.

- Trevor almost had a double-double. He finished with 8 points and 10 boards. He played with energy and intensity as well. Not sure on total minutes. The plan to work him back slowly continues to look good.

- Kendal Shell had a career high 4 points. Love it when the walk-ons get in on a rout.

Not So Good Stuff:

- Defensive rebounding was lacking again. 10 of the 22 rebounds SDSU collected were offensive boards. There were many examples of weak or non-existent box-out attempts by the Gophers. If it wasn't already a concern I might chalk it up to lower intensity due to the big lead. But given that it fits a pattern, that's not something I think we can do here. That said, the Gophers did outrebound SDSU 34-22 while collecting 11 offensive boards of their own.

- Less than stellar FT shooting. The Gophers improved quite a bit down the stretch to reach 60% (12 of 20). But earlier in the game they were down into the 30%-40% range.

- Silly turnovers still there. The Gophers finished the game with 13. Granted, it's really easy to get sloppy in a blowout. But just like the rebounding, it's not good to see a bad trend continued when the opportunity is there to cut it out against an inferior team. Rodney was the worst offender with 3.

All in all, a solid if unspectacular win for the Gophers. Even if Nate Wolters had played, this is a game the Gophers win by 10-15, no question. Next up? The USC Trojans. Another game most folks won't be able to see. Goodie!