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Golden Nugz - 12.7.12 - Big Weekend Coming Up

Men's Hockey heads to Colorado College, Volleyball heads to West Lafayette for the Sweet 16, Women's Hockey looks to extend their NCAA record win streak in Bemidji, and Men's Basketball plays a game no one will see on the road against USC.


- Big honor for Adam Wilcox, as he was named National Rookie of the Month.

- The PiPress says the Gophers rely on Nick Bjugstad for more than just stats.

- College Hockey News bumped Minnesota to the top of its WCHA Power Rankings.

- The trip to Colorado College is always filled with memories for Don Lucia, but this one has more meaning than most since it's the Gophers last trip there as a member of the WCHA.

- The STrib says the Gopher coaches are trying to keep freshman Mike Reilly and Brady Skjei focused on the here and now and not the team USA tryouts. FSN also takes a look at their opportunity to represent Team USA.

- Shama talks about Adam Wilcox's early season impact on the Gophers.

- The Daily had in interesting look at the creation/inspiration for the different goalie masks worn by the Gopher netminders on both the men's and women's team. It also comes with this cool photo gallery. Some examples:






- The Daily takes a look at tomorrows game @ USC.

- In news I don't like, Trevor Mbakwe is experiencing some knee soreness.

- FSN hits a theme that GN noted earlier in the week, that this team's depth sets them apart from previous Gophers squads.

- The Alexandria Echo Press says it's time for Tubby to prove the naysayers wrong.

- Myron thinks that Tubby has the depth to win in March.

- Luke Winn has the Gophers 12th in his latest Power Rankings.

- The Delaney's Dozen B1G Power Poll has the Gophers 4th.

- FACILITIES UPDATE: Lots of tidbits on this front from Amelia Rayno:

The entire planning process should be fully completed in mid January to February, Teague said. At that point, the university will have a solid concept of how much everything will cost and where different facilities will go.


Teague’s No. 1 choice for the location of the practice facility would be at the Bierman Athletic Complex, which is being strongly considered. That scenario might require some re-shuffling of what is currently there. Those specifics will be determined soon.


If the practice facility DOESN’T go at Bierman, the lot behind Williams Arena would be the other consideration, Teague said.

Donor T. Denny Sanford – the name that always comes up – is more likely to be heavily involved in the football side, not the basketball side.



- WWL Blog talks about Coach Kill's goal of being seizure free.

"I'm very fortunate," Kill said. "I'm working with somebody [medically], I'm not going to mention who it is until they feel comfortable that they want to be mentioned. And if they do I'll mention it, but I'm working with one of the best people in the world. We're convinced together that I can be seizure-free in a year."

Kill said he is being monitored on a daily basis, mostly to ensure his medication is properly balanced. He also knows his high-profile job makes people more aware of his condition, while the same disease goes unnoticed or unreported in many corporate leaders.

I know this is something everyone wants, for every reason under the sun.

- BOWL SWAG: It's the time of year when amateur athletes are given lots of free stuff by bowl committees in a way that is somehow legal under NCAA rules. What are the Gophers getting?

Fossil watch, 32-inch flat-screen TV, belt buckle, T-shirt, lapel pin, backpack

- Max Shortell confident that he'll find a better fit for his skillset at another school. Again, I wish him the best of luck and want to say THANK YOU for always representing the U well both on and off the field.

- Stewart Mandel thinks more of our bowl game than most in his Bowl Game Rankings.


- Transfers Dana Knudsen and Alexandra Palmer have been big parts of the team's success in their first year at the U.

- Ashley Wittman's has embraced her changing role to the betterment of the team.

- Gopher Sports has their Regionals preview.

Women's Hockey

- The Daily looks at standout freshman Hannah Brandt.


- The Gophers look to bounce back against Nortwestern and Oregon State.


- Bucky's 5th Quarter takes a pretty complete look at the Bert years, both good and bad. I'm not sure if many folks understand just how much he was disliked by fans here. They tolerated him because he won, but he was never accepted by a large portion of the fanbase.

College Football

- A fantastic look at the rollercoaster ride Northern Illinois took last weekend.

- A.J. Barker is headed to the University of Houston to play for the Cougars. I'm sure there is a "A.J.'s mom's friend" joke in there somewhere. Oh, and in case if you were still wondering, no one in his family is bitter than he wasn't awarded a scholly after 5 catches at UNLV.

"He's super excited now that he has a coach that truly believes he's the real deal," said Ross, a former Wisconsin walk-on receiver. "He's gonna do great. I'm excited for him. It's a great opportunity."

- FSN looks at the life and career of John Gagliardi.

- A fun timewaster. Figure out the different teams the Gophers are better than.

College Basketball

- CBS Sports shares their "best CBB photos" for November. Scroll down for a Gopher entry.

- The Battle 4 Atlantis is looking to make itself into one of the premier CBB tourneys.

The Smorgasbord

- God bless the Batshit Insanity of BHGP.

New Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema revealed at a press conference today that his decision to leave the University of Wisconsin was not based on any personal desire, but rather that he had merely "followed the chart", specifically an elaborate life chart he uses to guide his every decision.


And they aren't done. Did you know that Kirk Ferentz recently dressed up as Santa? Another fine story.

- An evil snowman prank: