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Golden Nugz 02.13.12

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Gopher Hockey did not get a point this weekend in Denver. It was their first sweep as the sweepee of the season. SB Minnesota's Nathan Wells recaps Saturday's game a bit of the weekend in general.

Like last night, Denver outplayed the Gophers at what they do best. Minnesota has been dominant on both Saturdays and the third period throughout the season and they were neither against the Pioneers. Whether or not it's just head coach George Gwozdecky having Don Lucia's number - he is now 13-2-1 in the last 16 games between the two teams - they deserve bit of credit. Denver is finally getting healthy for the first season and looks to be going in the right direction after struggling last weekend against Colorado College. That might be the silver lining for Minnesota because after getting swept this weekend, it is more than possible to come back from adversity and do something about being swept for the first time all season.

They just actually need to do something about it.

Only a few weekends left and a 1 point lead in the standings for the Gophers.

  • Rochester Post Bulletin's Faceoff discusses Gopher hoops a bit. I kind of disagree with most of this statement.
    Sampson had the look when he arrived on campus, and he's regressed under Tubby. Other players transferred, and it seems like the ones who stuck around have all taken steps in the wrong direction.
    I don't think it is true to say that everyone have taken steps backwards. Rodney has been better this season, Chip Armelin is better, Austin Hollins has nearly doubled his point average, even Mav has improved his production and the two true freshmen have improved throughout the season. Nobody has stepped up to really dominate or lead this team and Ralph has been a huge disappointment; but to say that all others are going the wrong direction is false.
  • Fox Sports North's Joan Niesen profiles Kent Patterson and his drive to win.
  • Minnesota's Mr. Hockey finalists were announced last week.
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Michael Hunt wonders what direction Gopher athletics will go with the new AD.
  • One Mann's take over at FBT takes a look at projecting the Gopher starting secondary. Corner should be less of a question mark but who starts and plays at safety is a huge mystery. My gut tells me that one of the incoming JUCOs will start at safety but who knows. The spring game should be interesting.