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Michigan State Crushes the Hopes and Dreams of Gopher Fans Everywhere...OPEN VENTING THREAD

The Gophers were up six, 52-58, with 3:25 remaining after Julian Welch hit a jumper. Minnesota would go the next 3:24 without scoring until Andre Hollins hit a meaningless three with one second. But MSU closed out with a 14-3 run and crushed the notion of a huge win for the Gophers.

The announcers nailed it when they said how the Gophers have nobody willing or desiring to take the a big shot. For three minutes we passed the ball around and then we would turn it over.

So frustrating that we played so well, with so much confidence for 37 minutes and then play so scared and timid for the final three. Michigan State is leading the Big Ten for a reason but we had them with our hand around their throats...and then we pissed down our own leg. Very frustrating.