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Gophers Look to Beat Indiana (again) - OPEN THREAD

Just three regular season games remaining!

Game Time: 12:00

Pos -Minnesota (17-11) Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm #8 Indiana (15-1) Pos
PG Julian Welch 4.6 12.3 Victor Oladipo
G Joe Coleman 10.2 8.7 Jordan Hulls G
F Austin Hollins 4.3
11.4 Derek Elston F
F Rodney Williams 10.4 13.5 Christian Watford F
C Ralph Sampson III 8.8 14.2 Cody Zeller F
Bench Andre Hollins 5.8 4.9 Will Sheehey Bench
Bench Eliott Eliason 8.0 5.0 Verdell Jones III
Bench Oto Osenieks
2.5 1.6 Tom Pritchard

I found it most interesting against Michigan State how the Tubby shortened his bench. Chip played only a few minutes and Mav didn't play at all. Maybe that is the new strategy for the final few games. I also loved the lineup of Andre, Joe, Austin, Rodney and aggressive Ralph (or Elliott).

Indiana is just 6-5 since we faced them in Bloomington when they were 15-1. This is a good team that is much improved over last year, but they are not a great team. With that said, we can't exactly be taking anybody for granted (I mean anybody) and the Hoosiers are in a much better place than we are. But maybe, just maybe IU is looking past us to their final two home games against Michigan and Purdue. This from Crimson Quarry.

Ultimately, the season probably rises and falls with the final two home games. If IU beats Michigan State and Purdue, nobody is going to dwell on what happens against the Gophers.

OK, maybe I'm taking his quote a bit out of context. But if the Hoosiers really are thinking about their next two games AND if the Gophers come out with the same energy they played with against Michigan State, I think we can win this game. I like some of our match-ups. We play best against teams that are not terribly physical on the inside. IU has some talent and athleticism in the middle but bruisers they are not.

Finally, I'm making a call...I will likely be mocked and ready?...We will win the final three games of the regular season.