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Golden Nugz - 02.27.12

The Gopher effort was awful yesterday and the result was worse. Everyone will have a lot to say.

First up is Tubby...

"Ralph was struggling to score. Rodney, he’s not looking to score. So this is what you get," coach Tubby Smith said. "This is how poorly and how badly it can be if you don’t do those things. Something else was going on, in [Rodney's] mind. He just wasn’t there today at all. Just by far – he wasn’t there."

Up next...Darren Wolfson informs us that yesterday was proof that Tubby has checked out.

That is a direct indictment of Smith, who has lost 21 of his last 27 Big Ten games.

Recruits Matt Thomas, a junior from Onalaska, Wisconsin, and Rashad Vaughn, a sophomore at Robbinsdale Cooper high school, were seated courtside.

They saw the Gophers score a season-low 50 points with an offense lacking movement, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Also one that was resigned after missing nine mostly uncontested close looks in the first half.

Assuming Smith survives a second consecutive disaster -- he has a $2 million buyout until May 1 -- a staff shakeup is necessary. Smith needs someone who doesn't follow the, "Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir," way. He needs an offensive guru who can also offer resistance.

Amelia Rayno points out the obvious. This one was UGLY.

The Gophers have had so many chances this season to get things right. To pull together, to step up, to respond, to react, to get angry, to get focused, to yank the various pieces into a uniform body. How many chances can they get?

Probably not many more, and probably not enough to do anything they originally set out to do.

Let's move on, that was ugly and we need to forget about it.