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Gophers Drop Sixth Consecutive Game Losing at Wisconsin 45-52

Ralph Sampson scored his 1,000th point, Andre Hollins had a very good game offensively and the Gophers held Wisconsin to 16 first half points. But it wasn't enough and the misery continues as the Gophers limp towards the Big Ten Tournament.

I'm not sure that there is a whole lot more to day. Offensively this game was offensive for both squads. In the first half the teams combined to shoot 9/43, 20.9%! Wisconsin's offense was much better in the second half while Minnesota still shot just 25%.

Jordan Taylor reminded the Gophers, once again, that he'd look pretty good in maroon and gold. He led all scorers with 22 and his five points within 30 seconds gave the Badgers the lead with just under 12:00 minutes remaining, they never trailed again.

The Gopher's player of the game was Andre Hollins. The freshman scored 18 points, 10 of that coming from the free throw line where he was 10-11. There is a lot to like about Dre's game. He is aggressive to the rim yet still able to knock down jump shots and he is excellent from the free throw line. He has gotten much better defensively. His overall game needs some polish but I really do like his future.

Rodney led the team with nine rebounds and we out-rebounded Wisconsin 35-25, but that was largely a function of Wisconsin missing a lot of shots, especially in the first half.

Another loss that felt as though it could have been a win. Add it to the list.