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Golden Nugz 02.09.12

UNLV, the Gophers first football opponent of the 2012 season wants to move up the date of the season opener. The game was originally scheduled for Saturday, September 1st and they are requested permission from the U to move the game up to Thursday, August 30th. This is an interesting decision to be made. Many Gopher fans were planning to take advantage of the Labor Day weekend and make a trip to Las Vegas for the game. Moving the game to Thursday night may prevent many from making the trip. On the other hand flying to Vegas on a Wednesday rather than Friday of Labor Day weekend may save fans some money. But taking an extra two days of vacation and adding an extra two or three days to the weekend does add significant cost to the trip.

For the team this may not be a terrible idea. The game would stand a better chance of being televised nationally and the team would actually get two extra days to prepare for their next opponent. But for Gopher fans who were looking forward to a 3-day weekend in Vegas this may not be the best solution. If you want the game to remain schedule for Saturday, I suggest you e-mail the athletic department, Joel Maturi and President Kaler.