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Golden Nugz 03.01.12

Ralph Sampson III has just one more regular season game as a Golden Gopher. Much has been said and written about his underwhelming senior season and Chip Scoggins is profiling Ralph in today's STrib.

Sampson scored his 1,000th career point Tuesday in a loss at Wisconsin. He is only the fifth player in program history to reach 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 150 blocks. He joined Kevin McHale, Randy Breuer, Mychal Thompson and Michael Bauer in that group.

Yet despite starting 113 games, Sampson's overall impact on the program has been minimal, to the point that he gradually was becoming mostly a bystander until his re-emergence against Michigan State last week.

His career numbers are not terrible but the book on Ralph is that when he has been needed most he disappeared and his career progression was more of a regression than anything else.