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NCAA First Round (Day 2) - OPEN THREAD

What I learned yesterday...

1 - Royce White is really (REALLY) good. He would have made out favorite squad a LOT better. Too bad things worked out like they did.

2 - South Dakota State lost to Baylor by 8. The Gophers beat SDSU by 16. The Gophers are 8 points better than Baylor. Don't even try to argue with my logic.

3 - I really like Fred Hoiberg as a coach. He knew that UConn had a couple guards who apply great pressure so this week he put in a new package that had Royce White bringing the ball up as a point-forward. It worked brilliantly. He knew his players and put his team in the best position to succeed.

4 - UNC-Ashville was absolutely robbed/jobbed by the officials. There as an obvious goal tending not called, a ball tipped out by Syracuse that absolutely should have been Bulldog ball and then a really bad lane violation giving Syracuse another shot after missing the front end of a 1-and-1. I think it end up costing them 5 points and I feel bad for those kids.

5 - It was interesting to see Steve Alford coaching against Dan Monson. I am too lazy to look it up but I wonder how many times those two have faced each other.

6 - I can't decide what the most annoying commercial of the Tournament is yet. I think my vote today would be for the Old Spice commercial where the guy's brain comes out of his head. Funny commercial but WAY overplayed.

Today's games...

(11) Texas vs (6) Cincinnati* CBS 12:15 PM
(11) North Carolina State vs (6) San Diego State* tru TV 12:40 PM
(9) Alabama vs (8) Creighton* TBS 1:40 PM
(10) Virginia vs (7) Florida* TNT 2:10 PM
(14) St. Bonaventure vs (3) Florida State* CBS 2:45 PM
(14) Belmont vs (3) Georgetown* tru TV 3:10 PM
(16) Vermont vs (1) North Carolina* TBS 4:10 PM
(15) Norfolk State vs (2) Missouri* TNT 4:40 PM
(9) Saint Louis vs (8) Memphis* TBS 6:50 PM
(15) Lehigh vs (2) Duke* CBS 7:15 PM
(13) Ohio vs (4) Michigan* TNT 7:20 PM
(10) Purdue vs (7) Saint Mary's* tru TV 7:27 PM
(16) LIU Brooklyn vs (1) Michigan State* TBS 9:20 PM
(10) Xavier vs (7) Notre Dame* CBS 9:45 PM
(12) South Florida vs (5) Temple* TNT 9:50 PM
(15) Detroit vs (2) Kansas* tru TV 9:57 PM